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Rachael is a super strong powerlifter and I was inspired by her grit, tenacity, and dedication. She successfully made weight for her meet without water cutting and qualified for the USA Powerlifting Nationals! Congratulations Rachael!

“When we started working together, my goals were to make weight and make a qualifying total for USAPL nationals. In the past, I used methods like a fast/water cut towards the end of my cut to get rid of 3-5 extra pounds.”

“By weigh-in day this past meet, I was at weight and had an incredible peace of mind knowing I didn’t use extreme measures to cut. I sustained an injury in the last weeks training and I was still able to make my total. I don’t think it would have happened if I cut fast and hard.”

“Getting past weight gain and plateau is so draining mentally. I felt like giving up so many times but just kept going. I don’t think I could have done it without your support. Learning to trust the process is hard but having an amazing coach makes it so much better.”

-Rachael J.

“I had spent years of yo-yo dieting to bulk in the winter and get shredded for summer. I got injured and was at an all time high of 240lbs. Aaron helped me change my mindset and beliefs about food and exercise, and in the process, I lost 70 lbs and I’ve kept it off for a year now. I learned how to love my body, life, and food again! Aaron is the man!”

– Simon F.

I have gained strength and by my measurements it has proven that as well. I am also losing inches in areas such as my waist. From the pictures you can see more definition. Because of all of these I am feeling like myself again.

– Dawn W.

I have been working with Aaron Fountain/Fountain Fitness now for almost two years and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself.

Let me give you a little context. I’ve struggled with my weight as long as I can remember. As a kid I remember being at the pool and being embarrassed to take off my shirt as I had always had a little belly. As I grew older, I got taller and from time to time my growth spurts would even my belly out, but it would always come back. Once a friend told me I had the perfect pear shape.

I became an actor and moved to New York City and knowing image was an important part of booking work, I did what I could to manage my weight, but nothing ever seemed to work, so I learned to hide my weight in bulky dark cloths. No one would ever have called me fat, but no one would ever call me fit either.

When I started with Aaron, I was between 200lbs-210lbs. I wanted to lose weight but I also wanted to gain muscle. Aaron and I had a call to see if we’d work well together. He looked at my diet and workout routine and talked to me about it without any judgement, just facts.

Then he listened to what my schedule was like (at the time I couldn’t get to a gym), and he said he could create a program for me that I could do from home. So we started working together. Aaron gave me a nutrition plan to follow, including a bunch of fantastic recipes, and created a training regimen for me. Throughout the first few months, really, he was there for me every step of the way. If I had questions about calories or how to do, or adjust, a particular exercise, he was always ready with a supportive answer.

After the first months, I saw immediate results. I’ll be honest, I wanted more results than I got, but Aaron explained that though we could do it faster, it would be harder to maintain overtime, and that the biggest results can be found in “consistency over time.” Not surprisingly, he was right.

I am now around 175lbs and have maintained this weight for over a year. I have also gradually added a significant amount of muscle and when my wife sees me without my shirt she’s like “dammmmmmmmmnnnnnnn”! My diet and workout routine are consistent, and I can have days where I “splurge” on what I eat and it’s all good, because I’m consistent over time, all things I learned from Aaron.

I can manage my diet and workouts on my own now, but I still work with Aaron, because he’s always interested in having his clients be the healthiest version of themselves, without ever judging them for where they are. Not only do I feel more healthy and fit, but my new physique has expanded my acting opportunities and auditions, too.

– Andy S.

“Aaron helped me lose over 30lbs so far and I look and feel so much better! If you put in the work, you’ll get results. Aaron is the best!” 

– Chrissy V.

Aaron or better known as A-A-RON, believes in simple, strategic changes to nutrition and training which yields the most effective results.

When he’s not eating nachos, traveling, or chilling in the mountains in Colorado, he trains athletes and clients in Denver and on the interwebs.

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